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It has been about 20 years since we started SongSpring, and there's been a lot of music made since then, much of it featured here in our music section, all of it downloadable. From our small studio here in the Appalachian mountians we've recorded rivers of music and want to share it with you,

Our painted ladies section features used and sometimes rare instruments for sale.

So you can see what we've done in the last few years there is a projects section which also includes a discography,

We threw in a couple of videos just for fun.

There is a regional concert calendar so you can see all the best groups performing in our region outside of Washington DC, including West Virginia.

We're going to be adding a user forum you can share ideas with other musicians, check back for more news on that soon!

Steven Grigsby, SongSpring



Visit us at SoundCloud for streaming music from SongSpring,